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Meet Some Mondi People

At Mondi we believe that our employees are the best ambassadors for the company.


Yvette Grose, Quality Control Technician, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Yvette Grose

I’ve worked for Mondi for a little over a year.  Mondi is a very good place to work for several reasons.  First and foremost, the culture of the organization thrives on employee safety.  There is an incentive program to encourage employees to “go home the same way we came in” safe whole.  People here are friendly and always greet you with a smile.  They make me proud to be a Mondi Employee.


Diego Montesdeoca, Production/CI Manager, Leonia, New Jersey

Diego Montesdeoca

Mondi is a well-structured international company that sets the industry benchmark for safety, operational excellence, supply chain management, and innovation.  To compete in the modern release liner industry these days requires exceptional people, and the people who work at Mondi are the engine that drives us forward. Mondi’s commitment to a great workplace culture has resulted in a company with employees who are humble and hardworking, are driven to excel and enjoy coming to work each day.


Dave Garver – Manager Supply Chain Analytics, Atlanta, Georgia

Dave Garver

Among the things that have been most enjoyable about working for Mondi is the fact that no two days are the same.  The dynamic nature of our business does not allow me to get stagnant.  The pace of the business is always moving forward and it forces me to always be at my best.

I enjoy working with all of the very talented team members throughout the world.  Leveraging the talents of the team makes us a much stronger and sustainable organization.  I am very excited about what the future holds in this very dynamic organization.  The changes that we are seeing today will make us more competitive in the future.


Donnie McClinton, Extrusion Department, Jackson, Missouri

Donnie McClinton

Mondi Jackson, Inc. has been a blessing for me and my family. I’ve been an Extrusion Operator for 20 plus years and have seen so many changes over my career. I started out working in the warehouse and when the opportunity became available, I transferred to Extrusion. It took a lot of training, hard work and determination to become a skilled Extrusion operator. It was a great opportunity for me. I look forward to many more rewarding opportunities in the future here at Mondi Jackson Extrusion department.


Jamie Pappas, Continuous Improvement Manager, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jamie Pappas

I really like being the voice of the customer in the plant.  Mondi has made it possible for me to travel and spend time with our customers so I can better understand their requirements.  This has proven to be mutually beneficial as we put together projects that put them in the right package and gives us options for standardization and better efficiencies.


Kari Clark, Sales & Operations Support Manager, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Kari Clark

It has been my pleasure to continue my career in customer service with Mondi North America since 2014.  Since joining the Mondi team I have seen the passion this company has for productivity with ensuring that our manufacturing facility in Pine Bluff, AR has the resources it requires to be efficient and successful to provide the highest quality packaging for our customers.  My colleagues within Mondi in my opinion is what gives Mondi the leading edge among our competitor, the positive support that you get from inside this company is unlike no other I have ever seen to ensure we build partnership with our customers and employees.


Ritsuko Stone,  QA Lab, Jackson, Missouri

Ritsuko Stone

I have been working for Mondi Jackson since 1997.  I had the opportunity to apply as a Lab Technician and have been working in the lab since.  I have learned lots about the process of Bagmaking.  It always amazes me how the tiny pellets become all sorts of different bags that we create starting from Extrusion, Print, Lamination, Slit and finally to Conversion.
I take pride in what I do; some days are hectic and it might be a small task to some but one I really enjoy doing.  I like to say “Hooray” to all the Mondi Employees. Thanks, Riko


Lynette “Lyn” Holmes, Quality, Eastman, Georgia

Lyn Holmes

Lyn has been employed at the Eastman Plant for 27 years, assisting in the Quality Department. She is one of the few employees that has worked in the plant the year it opened.
Among the things that have been most inspirational and joyful to me on this journey includes, the many new work-related family members I have met and kept throughout the years, the daily challenges faced with keeping ahead of other bag competitors, and the feelings of accomplishments when I feel I am a part of a winning team. I enjoy keeping our plant headed in an upward direction always striving for the next level.
I am very appreciative and fortunate to have had this work place as opportunity to help support my family and prepare for my future!


Trinidad Jimenez, Technical Electrician, Tehuacan, Mexico

Trinidad Jimenez

I started working for Mondi in 1982 as an entry level manufacturing worker.  Over the years, Mondi has offered me opportunities to attend training classes so I can grow and learn new skills.  Because of these new skills, I have been able to move up in the company to bigger jobs.  I am now working in the maintenance department and am responsible for installing and maintaining our machinery.  I take great pride in my job.  The thing that I like most about Mondi is how much they care about their employees. They are always very focused on our safety, which mean a lot to me.  I tell all my co-workers, take advantage of every opportunity to develop new skills and grow.  Everything is possible when you work hard and learn at Mondi.


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